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The first Armenians who settled in Sacramento came from Fresno in 1919. They were Mr. and Mrs. Arshag Sarkisian and family.

In January 1929, a group of ten women came together and organized the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Armenian Apostolic Church. One year later, on January 10, 1930, His Grace Bishop Karekin Khachaturian, the first Primate of the Armenian Churches in California, visited Sacramento and presided at the meeting of the Ladies’ Aid Society and celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Episcopal Church.

Prior to the construction of the present Church, for their spiritual needs, the Armenians used the Episcopal Churches, mostly St. Paul at 15 th and J. Streets. At that time the Ladies’ Aid Society was the only active body of the Church. There was not enough membership to have a duly elected Board of Trustees. For many years Mr. Arshag Sarkisian, the oldest member of the community, performed the duties of the Board of Trustees.

For many years the community was not able to have its own Priest. Visiting Clergy would perform services for Christmas, Easter and special occasions. The late Rev. Fr. Theodore Isaac of Fresno and Rev. Fr. Bedros Hagopian of Oakland were the main Visiting Priests of the Armenian Church of Sacramento.

In 1951 the trustees of the local church came to an understanding with the trustees of St. Vartan Armenian Church of Oakland by which the Pastor of the said Church, Rev. Fr. Bedros Kassaedjian, would also serve our community by performing services regularly once a month.

The desire to have a Church of their own was cherished for a long time, especially by the Ladies’ Aid Society. A certain sum was set aside toward this goal each year. In July, 1951, at a joint meeting of the Ladies’ Aid Society and the Trustees, presided over by Fr. Kassardjian, it was decided that the present church site located at 3240 “B” Street would be purchased. The church building, however, was in bad condition and needed a complete remodeling to meet the requirements of the Armenian Apostolic Church. For this purpose, a committee was elected under the leadership of Sarkis Shirinian, architect, who did his best to accomplish the rebuilding of the Church with the least possible expense.

On May 10, 1953, the consecration of the St. James Armenian Church took place. This gave the Armenians of this beautiful Capital City of California their small but permanent spiritual and social center. It is expected that all children of the Armenian Apostolic Mother Church will continue to carry out the work of their founders with faith and dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since that time this church community has enjoyed the spiritual leadership of Very Rev. Fr. Haigasser Bairamian, Very Rev. Fr. Samuel Aghoyan, Very Rev. Fr. Sasoon Zumrookhdian, the Very Rev. Fr. Asbed Balian and Rev. Fr. Yeghia Hairabedian, Rev. Fr. Asoghig Jamgochian. Our current pastor is the Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Ksachikyan.

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